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Seamless steel pipe production process and technology
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Tube → prepare the steel pipe and tube and then the tube starts heating → perforation tube → → semi-finished steel annealing → steel pickling → steel pipe coated with oil (copper) → multi-pass cold drawn (cold) → semi tube → → Pipe heat pipe straightening → pipe hydrostatic test (testing) → pipe marking → recent steel pipe storage (seamless steel pipe production process)

Assay of the steel pipe

Steel pipe -1 steel chemical composition

For the detection of the chemical composition of the steel pipe, the main purpose is to determine the batch of the finished pipe product standards in accordance with the level of the steel, and the analysis determined based on the batch finished tube.
, Steel Tube Institute of completion of large quantities of finished tube chemical composition of the analytical instruments using the direct reading spectrometer, carbon and sulfur analyzer to complete a large number of finished pipe manufacturing and testing tasks, and now these two instruments for a brief introduction:

Steel pipe -1.1

Steel pipe -1.1.1

Direct Reading Spectrometer

The basic principles of

Spectroscopy is the use of the material under external energy excitation and emitted light to determine the composition of a technical, inseparable from the progress and development of the physics and chemistry. Substances by molecular and atomic components and their properties, with the difference of the property can be an integral part of the test substance. Spectral emission characteristic substances under certain conditions, the use of this property of the spectrum to determine the presence of substances. Determination of the spectral analysis of the results can only give the types and content of the material composition of the element can not display
 the structure of matter. Spectral analysis of three ways: the line spectra, band spectra and continuous spectrum. Characteristics of the steel pipe -1.1.2 spectrum

Direct reading spectrometer is mainly used for the production tube, C, Si, Mn, P, S-, Ni and Cr, Mo, and Cu, Al, V, Ti, Nb,

B, Zn and five elements (Pb, Sn,, As, Sb, quantitative analysis of Bi task, product testing instrument for ARL4460 type of analytical instruments has the following characteristics: a high analytical sensitivity for trace analysis and trace analysis. instrument relative sensitivity up to ppm level instrumental analysis suitable for the trace and trace analysis; the sensitivity of the content high; three light sources with good stability and reproducibility; 4 light excitation spectra did not background or Beijing is low; 5 Analysis of results from sample organizational structure varies; pre-combustion and short exposure time; 7 analysis of the destruction of the specimen is small, carried out the so-called micro-damage or non-destructive analysis.; 8 analysis of fast : instrumental analysis in a short period of time to complete an analytical cycle (about 1 minute, suitable for batch analysis and automatic analysis; 9 analysis of the required sample: instrumental analysis is only based on an analysis of steel, suitable for standard steel, can analyze the outcome; 10 instrument widely used to analyze the iron-based samples, but also nickel-base, chromium-based sample testing.

Steel pipe -1.1.3 standard sample

Quantitative spectral analysis is a method of analysis relies on the standard sample application to make the working curve, and then in the working curve to identify the content of unknown samples, standard samples is very important. Must have the following basic requirements: 1 should be a high degree of uniformity; 23456 chemical composition should be close to the analysis of samples; structural state should be as close as possible the structure of the analysis of samples; content range should be slightly larger than the analytical sample, to ensure the reliability of the results of the analysis; should be a stable state, and can maintain a permanent; analysis of the elements of the results by several units of analysis are given, it is best to use the certificate of standard steel.

Seamless steel pipe production process detection

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