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Found in the coat and the little care and washing instructions printed on the label, careful people will find that 90% of the Canada Goose feather garments tag to hand, should not dry cleaning, because the drug will affect and warm and dry, but also make the fabric aging. Machine wash
Dry, tight coat mixture, filling, thickness easily lead to uneven shape of the clothes, affecting the appearance and warmth.

White Canada Goose down jacket how to clean up a lot of supermarkets and cosmetics store sales, a technique called "spray stains under the net" (or something similar) spray, spray the place dirty, wipe with a wet towel dry, and never left the next stain, very good, very convenient, not expensive about $ 20,30.

How do I clean the Canada Goose down jacket? The correct way is:

(1) If the Canada Goose down jacket is not dirty, can be used dry cleaning method. With a towel dipped in gasoline in the collar, cuffs, and other breast gently wipe, after degreasing, dry towel and then stained with gasoline, can be worn after the evaporation of gasoline.

(2) If the coat is dirty, wash only the overall method. First, the Canada Goose down jacket soaked in cold water for 20 minutes. With two soup to about 20-30 ℃ water, stir, then add the fish from the water, squeeze water plume of water a spoonful of detergent Canada Goose velvet clothes, soak 5-10 minutes. Down from the washing liquid to remove, clean, tile in the plate with a soft brush, dipped in cleaning fluid from the inside out gently scrub. Cleaned, the clothes on her washing liquid to 
wash a few times, then rinse, soak in warm water 30 ℃ 2 times, then placed in clean water rinse 3 times to completely remove the detergent residue. Rinse down with a dry towel wrapped gently suck out the water, then placed in the sun or a ventilated place to dry. Dry, coat the surface with a stick tap, soft and fluffy down recovery. Able to take the "off-season storm" buy down jackets and cheap Italy, is indeed a pleasant thing. But now, after all, is the heat of summer, winter, still early from, to put up a good collection. But how to wash Canada Goose down jacket, how to protect to maintain Canada Goose down jacket, you know? Down Down is not clear if the dirt road, Canada Goose down jacket may not 
be clean and new, with breathable materials (such as sorting bags) is good, into mothballs to prevent insects, and then stored in dry and ventilated closet on it, pay attention to , the above will not under pressure. Summer and autumn rain, after the rainy season, it is best to Canada Goose Down on the air, dry place to prevent mildew; if moldy, you can wipe clean with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol, with a wet towel, and then cleaned and thoroughly dried for proper collection. But be careful, not to Canada Goose Down on the sun exposure, or it may fade the old clothes clothes. If you want to wash the Canada Goose Down, then pay attention to water temperature not too high, and use neutral detergent 
solution, washed, dried, use tap water racks, it can be restored fluffy filling, but also conducive to the filler is completely dry to prevent mildew. Wash Canada Goose down jacket, Canada Goose Down the best selection of special cleaning agents. Because they are neutral, you can reduce the bad effects of protein fiber breakage, and has excellent cleaning power and protect the conditioning effect, Canada Goose down jacket cleaning, to keep the fabric luster and fluffy inside. Wash down, soak in water, and then 20-30 g washing powder on the down jacket, down jacket and 4 kg is known as detergent in warm water, soak 20 minutes, with a soft brush the dirt on the net for clothes, Then rinse with water.

How Canada Goose Down wash? Experience one: Be sure to hand wash.

Sewing the coat and the little care and washing instructions printed on the label, careful people will find that 90% down hand, should not dry cleaning, because the drug will affect and warm and dry, but also make the fabric of aging. Machine washable and dryer, tighten coat mixture, filling, thickness easily lead to uneven shape of the clothes, affecting the appearance and warmth.

How to wash coat, degree of experience 2:30 rinse water temperature.

Down the first into the cold water soak for 20 minutes to allow all wet down jacket inside and outside. Detergent dissolved in warm water 30 degrees, then soak them in a quarter of the coat, then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse 

with warm water, detergent can also help to fully dissolve in water, wash down jacket can be more clean.

How to Wash Down, experience 3: Use the detergent concentration can not be too high.

If you must use detergent to wash down the coat is usually divided into two basins, 4 to 5 tablespoons of detergent is appropriate, if the concentration is tooHigh, difficult to clean, down in the detergent residue will affect the fluffy down, greatly reduce the insulation.

How to wash down the experience of four: best to use a neutral detergent.

Minimal damage to fabric and feathers, using alkaline detergent, neutral 
detergent rinse, if dirty, cleaning agents left behind will cause damage to the surface is easy to leave white marks on clothes, beautiful results. Alkaline detergent to remove remaining two teaspoons of vinegar can be added to warm water twice, soaked for a while, then rinse down jacket, and vinegar can be caustic in

How to wash Canada Goose down jacket, experience five: You can not wring.

Canada Goose Down After washing, can not wring the water, then hang dry brick or prohibit contact, no iron, so as not to burn clothing. After drying, gently pat 

the soft fluffy down jacket recovery.
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