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Firstly, Performer5 is constructed of completely natural ingredients. Many volume pills contain harsh chemicals that may be a hardship on the liver to get rid of. Secondly, the constituents of Performer5 are high quality and powerful. As an example, it has a massive 125mg of 70% ellagic pomegranate. Performer5 Review It's likely you have heard of pomegranate as a superfood which protects against heart problems, but do you know it is usually been traditionally used being a food supporting libido? Actually it's very potent the Sun (a UK national newspaper) has named it 'nature's own viagra'! Lastly, Performer5 is the only dual combination volume pill available on the market. Today's arena of workday stress, processed foods, hormones in water supply etc. strips our bodies with the important nourishment they want. There isn't any point taking pills promising to boost your ejaculate there are reached the baseline in nutrients essential to sperm health. This is why every purchase of Performer5 is sold with free Vit5. This is specially engineered to boost the human body's baseline of libido nutrients to some extent the place that the Performer5 can start working and you can enhance your ejaculation.

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