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Recently, the blizzard has released the Diablo 3. Many players want to know the difference between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. This time, we will get together to discuss the serious problem.
 In Diablo 2, crafting was something that was very basic and rarely done once Lord of Destruction came out. Players were able to craft many things in their Horadric Cube, but really once rare items stopped being good, the Horadric Cube and the crafting system in general were not used much.
In Diablo 3, this has changed – crafting is now a main part of the game. In the beta test, the only thing is break down items into crafting components. For example, you can use it to turn useless items into common scraps, unwanted magic items into subtle essence and so on.
There are three proposed Artisans: a Blacksmith, a Jeweler, and a Mystic. In the beta test, you can work with the Blacksmith. Through your travels, you will find “Pages of Training” as loot pieces. You can turn 5 of these into a Tome of training. A tome of training plus some gold and some crafting materials will allow the Blacksmith to level up and learn new recipes.
Then you can give the Blacksmithplus diablo 3 gold crafting materials and he will make an item that you select out from the recipes he knows. You can also find recipes as loot in the game world and tell them to your Artisan, so you can craft those in the future. It looks like the best and rarest recipes will be drops rather than learned from training.
It looks like a few of the best in slot pieces will come from this part of the game, so you will want to take care to level up your Artisans. One interesting thing about Artisans is that they share account-wide, so when you start a new character, you Diablo 3 Gold already have advanced Artisans. If you train them on your new character, your old character will benefit from it as well. There is no need to learn the same recipe or do the same training twice. This makes leveling up a new character a lot more appealing.
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