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Zlatibor Mountain inside Serbia

Zlatibor is huge batch, placed in south-western serbia . It is 230 km from the Serbian capital Belgrade. There are several smaller and bigger rivers the other natural lake - Ribnicko jezero. There are also a couple of artificial lakes. Using the average elevation of One thousand m above sea degree, Zlatibor offers an unique climate for anyone seeking sleep, relaxation along with unforgettable landscape. Thanks to mark vii and Mediterranean sea air people which meet up with in Zlatibor, mountain has a mild climate and making it a great place for healing and treatment method. Zlatibor's waters have positive relation to human health. The natural healing factors are viewed to be the reduced air force and the prosperous ultraviolet array of sunshine.


Zlatibor region is actually characterized by climate, a cool hill climate, long stretches of sunlight during the summertime and a heavy snow deal with in winter. The climate of Zlatibor lends itself to the treatment of:

fatigue and worried tension
hypothyroid disorders
heart disorders
symptoms of asthma
digestive tract issues
metabolic disorders, especially obesity
accidents to the muscle groups and bone fragments
Tourist amenities include modern day hotels as well as apartments, trip centers and cottages, sports grounds (playing golf, basketball, soccer, volleyball etc), swimming pools, health club. On top of pretty much everything, Zlatibor is one of Serbia's the most famous skiing facilities, suitable for both beginners. Also, large number of conventions and tutorials are kept here throughout every season. All together, there are 14,000 bads.

There are a lot of cultural along with historical monuments on the place of Zlatibor. A number of them are protected through state: "Old village" in Sirogojno, Stopica pecina cave, old monastery Uvac. Gostilje village can be found on the hill slope, 25 km through the center associated with Zlatibor. Its unique appeal is a 16 m large waterfall plus a picturesque natural environment. Smoke crazy from community Mackat is a top quality and it is a brand of this location. Manifestation "Prsutijada" (smoked ham) will be held every single winter in January in Mackat. Heads regarding village households receive every guest as a friend, that makes his continue to be unforgettable.

How to get there

Zlatibor can be found on the main road coming from Belgrade to Montenegrin seacoast. It takes 4 - 5 hours associated with driving to go to Zlatibor. It is also possible to get by teach from Belgrade which has a transfer from village Semegnjevo which can be 7 kilometer away from the center of Zlatibor. Coming from Semegnjevo to centre, you can come across taxi. All big Serbian cities, it is possible to survive bus.

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