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A Guide For Marine One Residence

dusit-residence-dubai-marina.jpgDo you wish to feel the best of all possible worlds in the place that you simply live in? If that's so then say hello to Marina One Residences. You need not wait around longer considering that the project is set to be completed in 2016. You can find that the location is within the new central area for Worldwide business as well as economic pursuits found in Singapore. In case you are seriously considering of moving to Singapore for work and leisure time this is the perfect place where you can just do that. A wonderful place like this certainly exists in the heart of the metropolis.If you are looking to learn more about marine one residence, take a look at mentioned above site. A further look on the Marina One Residences is it is the centerpiece area where among the 2 developments by M S Pvt. Ltd and a joined endeavor with the Temasek Holdings. 

The other development is named as the DUO Residences. Overall the Marina One measures about 2.62 hectares and is highly valued about $6.85 billion. You are able to state that it will be among the luxury properties within the region. It will have store and office spaces on its 289000 sqm total gross floor area. When you want your enterprise to be located close to where you live this place is ideal for you.It really is a strategic destination to be, wherein it also becomes a milestone with other developments just like the Gardens by the Bay along with the Flyer inside the high growth Marina South region. The Marina One is set to be of merged use where its 57% will be assigned to office spaces. It will likely be made up of 2 storey blocks available to use.

Peak-One.gif The rest of the 32% will probably be for the 39 storey residential blocks such as the 1546 high end residential units. The remaining 9% should go to retail store spaces which are linked to the workplace and the residential units. Not too cheap right? You're living your lifestyle and working all concurrently.As though those weren't enough you can also get access to a shop podium as well as the Heart, a wonderful green garden in the center of the 3 blocks. This can be the refuge of the residence, take pleasure in the eco-friendly civic place for the communities and residential populace to come and also unwind. 

Close by there are also 2 charming recreational areas that you can walk by if you are going running or just leisurely walking. The Marina One also provides you basement levels as well as an underground pedestrian multilevel. Currently earning awards through the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2012 as Best High Rise Architecture, Best Mixed use Architecture and also Best Mixed Use Development you can be sure of the higher standards it may provide you with. It is really one of the most anticipated and most sought after homes in Singapore. Do not be excluded from the competition. Enquire about Marina One and obtain the benefits in calling the area your perfect home.

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