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Exotic Animals :: Albino Leopard Gecko – A Rare Leopard Gecko

For people who know so much about the facts concerning the albino leopard gecko, it is not unusual for them to know that this geckos variety is expensive. Before, the reason why albino leopard geckos are expensive is because of the fact that it is a rare leopard gecko. During the first generation of leopard geckos, there is no such thing as this morph of gecko. And when the first albino was born, the owner or the breeder made a way so that he will be able to produce more albino geckos. Today, a lot of this variety of leopard geckos has been sold at pet stores and is bred continuously. But, for the sake of those who are new in the field of gecko raising hobby, here are some facts about this specific variety of geckos.

It was in the year 1996 when the first albino was reported to be hatched. The breeder named it "Rosie". Rosie was the first known albino to have been hatched in the world (that is in captivity). Of course, there are possibilities that there might also be other leopard geckos in the wild that were hatched as albinos, but no one was able to discover it. According to the owner or the breeder, Rosie was a sickly albino. Because of that, Rosie died even before she was able to reach the first year of her life. However the breeder did not gave up. Instead, he persisted on trying to conduct more research and soon he was able to found out that Rosie's brother named Bubba may contain some of her genes. With constant study, he discovered that Bubba have almost 67% chance of producing an albino strain.


After discovering that huge possibility, the breeder then tried to breed Bubba as quickly as he could and as much as he can. Bubba was bred with other geckos. Knowing the fact that the sex of geckos may be set according to the temperature, the breeder used this to his advantage and tried to come up with more females than males. When Bubba's offspring became mature enough to be bred, the breeder tried to breed Bubba with his female offspring. After the breeding process, almost 1,200 eggs were produced, incubated and hatched. 155 albinos were successfully produced. The first wave of albinos was then named after Ron Tremper, the person responsible for this discovery and was called as the Tremper Albino variety.


From then on, the Tremper albino variety was bred with other leopard gecko species which resulted to another strain of albino leopard gecko. Dying and loosing the albino strain is no longer a majority concern because today, there are many varieties of the albino morph. Aside from Tremper albino, there are Bell albino, Giant albino, Raptor albino, and Stripe Tremper albino. Each albino comes with their own distinctive feature that most gecko enthusiasts are looking after. Now, you be able to understand why this morph is one of the most expensive varieties of geckos.

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