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Beer Beauty Products: Is it Good for You?

Beer has a reputation of being an unhealthy beverage. Although there are already dozens of studies that can attest to its health benefits, over-consumption of beer is still an underlying issue nowadays. The good news is, you can now get permanent makeup eyeliner several skin benefit from beer without drinking it. This is because of the innovative minds who created various beer beauty products. So, for this article, you will discover how effective are these products when applied topically. And, of course, you will also learn the reasons why you should opt for these products.

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What makes beer an excellent beauty product?


As of today, you can find several beauty products made of beer sold in the market from soaps, body wash to shampoos. But, the use of beer as a skin and hair care product can actually be dated back during the ancient times by the Egyptians. As the years pass by, scientists have proven its value to the human life both internally and externally. With that, what makes beer an excellent beauty product?

Brewers yeast is the main ingredient of beer that has a lot of skin benefits especially for those who have acne outbreaks. This is actually noted in a study conducted at Munich University in the year 2006. In their study, they concluded that brewers yeast can dramatically improve ones skin condition within 21 days. How so? This is because as a unicellular microorganisms, brewers yeast can rapidly reproduce in your skins surface. Because of this, your skins oil production is slowed down and at the same time it acts as an antibacterial agent. Hence, acne is either prevented or treated. In addition to that, brewers yeast is also loaded with nutrients such as biotin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and riboflavin. These nutrients play a vital role in the natural healing process and skin rejuvenation. Furthermore, these nutrients are also known as an excellent moisturizer and exfoliant. Hence, you will have a more elastic skin that is supple and clear.

Another important beer component typically found in hops is xanthohumol. This bio-molecule has been studied to have excellent antioxidant effects. It even surpassed the antioxidant capabilities of green tea. However, beer only contains minimal amounts of this bio-molecule. Nonetheless, it can still act as a good anti-aging product.

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Beer beauty products

The most common beer beauty products for hair care are shampoos and conditioners. This is actually old news since beer has been an all-time remedy dry, frizzy and damaged hair. It is also a good remedy for dandruff and hair loss. However, compared to the traditional remedy, these products are re-formulated. Unlike regular shampoos, you can use this product on a daily basis without damaging your hair. Plus, this hair care product is not only for hair treatment. If you are looking for more texture, body or volume; these products can give it to you.

As for beer beauty products for the skin, you can only find bar soap and body wash at the moment. Nonetheless, you can use these products for daily baths without causing skin dryness and irritation since it can help balance the skin's pH. However, if you want your hair and skin to fully absorb all the nutrients mentioned above, you have to leave it idle for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Hence, if you are going to use it under a continuous shower, it may not be as effective when you use it during a bath.


So, why use beer beauty products? The answer to that is simple. Evidently because it is loaded with beauty benefits and it does not contain harmful chemicals. Furthermore, compared to beer treatment recipes, these products are already formulated to last long and for convenient use. Lastly, for an affordable price, you will have healthy hair and skin especially when you let your body absorb all the nutrients it contains.

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