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Planning your child’s first birthday party

A first birthday is your child’s first tiny milestone and a major accomplishment for you as a parent and should be celebrated to commemorate the event. Hosting a milestone party requires a lot of planning and arrangements have to be made.

When should you arrange to have the birthday party? You should arrange the birthday party such that the time to cut the cake either comes well before your baby’s naptime. Never have the party around the baby’s naptime unless you want to hear the baby crying while everyone is singing “Happy Birthday.”

What should you decide to help you better plan for your child’s first birthday? You would need to decide whether the party should be themed or without a theme. Babies are easily attracted to color and adding streamers to the party would highlight the main attraction of the room. Consider how your baby reacts to crowds and decide the number of guests to be invited to your party accordingly. Birthday party favors such as goodie bags for the kids attending your child’s birthday party while saving on excessive expenditure on gifts. Have your party guests play interesting games including answering trivia about the baby’s birth, name and the baby’s likes and dislikes.

What food should you arrange for the party? Pizza is a hot favorite with kids and would be the ultimate food choice for the party. No birthday party would be complete without a cake. A birthday cake with a custom message and age appropriate decorations would provide for excellent photo opportunities.

Who would be an ideal photographer for your child’s first birthday party? Have a professional new york wedding photographer come to your place and capture the most beautiful moments in your baby’s life. You must be wondering why you should hire the services of a New York wedding photographer for your baby’s birthday. Professional new york city wedding photographers not only understand which moments to capture, but also make sure they click the pictures at the right moment. Some New York City wedding photographers offer photography services for occasions other than weddings too, while some others provide photography services on the special request of guests at their customers’ wedding, if they get the opportunity. With right planning, your child’s first birthday party can become moments to be cherished by you when your child grows up.

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