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Beach at Guardamar

Below are photographs of each Guardamar beach, and the sand dunes and pine forest area. The beaches of Guardamar del Segura are the best on the Spanish Costa Blanca coast; without doubt.

Guardamar beach

Although each beach has a different name, they are all joined together in one long stretch, only the Los Tusales beach is separated by the mouth of the River Segura.

A photograph of a beach can say more than words ....
All beach photographs taken from the southern end of Guardamar del Segura, pointing northwards. Campomar, Moncaio, Roqueta, Centro, Babilonia, Vivers and Tusales.

Photograph Campomar Beach.

Guardamar Playa del Campomar. Photograph taken on the closest beach to the Campomar Hotel, this beach is on the southern outskirt of Guardamar.

Guardamar Campomar Beach

Photograph Moncaio Beach.

Guardamar Playa del Moncaio - and - the Roqueta Beach - Playa la Roqueta. Photograph taken at the start of Avenida de la Libertat, from the Moncaio beach, and so is also showing the Roqueta beach in the background.

Guardamar Beach Moncaio

Photograph Roqueta Beach.

Guardamar Playa la Roqueta - and - the Centro Beach- Playa Centro. Photograph here shows the Roqueta beach and in the background the Centro beach, the photograph was taken from the Roqueta beach at the point of the Calle Venezuela road.

Beach Guardamar Roqueta

Photograph Centro Beach.

Guardamar Playa Centro. Photograph of Guardamar's main beach which is sided by the Passeo Maritimo along which are many restaurants, obviously the most popular beach in Guardamar.

Centro Beach Guardamar

Photograph Babilonia Beach.

Guardamar Playa de le Babilonia. After the Centro beach follows the Playa de le Babilonia, alongside which run, what were the old fishermen's cottages many years ago.

Babilonia Beach Guardamar

Photograph of Vivers Beach- Guardamar Playa del Vivers.

Photograph of the Vivers beach. Left on the photograph, behind the ridge are the Dunas De Guardamar and out in the distance the mouth of the river Segura and the Marina de las Dunas.

Guardamar Beach Vivers

Photograph of Tusales Beach- Guardamar Playa Los Tusales.

This beach is on the other side of the river Segura heading out of Guardamar (classed as a naturist beach).Tusales beach can be reached in two ways, left off the N332 directly after the Marjal campsite (not sign posted) or taking the La Marina turn off and then second right. A trip to this beach is recommended.

Guardamar Beach Vivers



The Dunas de Guardamar

Panorama Photograph of the Dunas de Guardamar (dunes of Guardamar) .... Please wait for the flash movie to download - it may take some time depending on your connection speed - but the panorama shows the Dunas de Guardamar (dunes of Guardamar) in all its glory and is well worth waiting for. The photo starts at the Marina de las Dunas panning right, Playa del Vivers in the background. The photo demonstrates the sheer mass of the Dunas de Guardamar (not all of which is pictured) as the town of Guardamar appears on the horizon - then follows the high rise apartment blocks (some of which are built - some under construction), the rolling mountains inland can be seen and finally the River Segura on the far right of this Dunas de Guardamar panorama photograph.


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