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This portfolio is a collection of projects I have worked on during my education so far at Aarhus Tech and Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA).

2nd semester main project - Single family house in 2 storeys plus a basement, developed from project brief to Detailed Design 2.

KUA Campus
3rd semester Design Consultancy project - Development of project brief for a new dormitory with 100 student dwellings at the Southern campus of the University of Copenhagen.


3rd semester main project - Prefab apartment buildings in 2-3 storeys with 80 dwellings in total, developed from appraisal to construction.

Basilica Palladiana
4th semester Design Consultancy project - 3D Revit modelling of Basilica Palladiana, rennaisance building by Andrea Palladio in Vicenza, Italy.

4th semester main project - Carbon neutral building at the Northern campus of the University of Copenhagen (proposal for the Green Lighthouse).

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