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The fast and easy step to make your company or your individual identity rifer all over is to build a website of yours, may it be a personal or a business portal. Usually web hosting and domain name registration is the most important part of a portal to come live. If you are in to any such field or about to start a portal of your own, then it is a must that you might be looking for some good domein and hosting providers. However, keep all your worries aside and just go for the read on:

Domein is basically an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control over the internet and is usually formed with some of the rules and guidelines of the Domain Name System or the DNS. All in one line it can be represented as:” An internet protocol (IP) resource”. It usually consists of a name and an extension

The space which is offered for the availability and storage of your portal is referred to hosting. It is basically the service provided by the some companies to make your portal accessible over the World Wide Web.

Benefits of having your own domain name:

Your website can be more easily discovered on the search engines like Google

It is easy for your customers to remember your portal.

You can protect your company through your domain from domain hijackers.

The companies which offer such services or allow some rental space on their servers for your website are termed as hosting firms. There are many such hosting providers, who offer free service. However, if you look for premium website hosting plans, then keep in mind that it is always good to look for some reliable and fast companies that assure you for a better online service with all sorts of live support. There are many such firms which offer you with some additional features like the e-commerce features which includes the unlimited webstore items and Google and Facebook advertising credits. This helps a particular user to directly link their website to various social networking sites. Make a clear cut check for not allowing any free banner ads on your website, which might make it boring and take away the interest of a visitor from your site. Generally, free hosting providers provide this sort of irritating banners. Is your website ready for its hosting?

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