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        Charlotte Olympia platforms

        Charlotte Olympia given high evaluation of the heels of the soul ", it is not us, but has always been known as" poison tongue "presided over days after S. Every time she is well known that height only 158cm appearance will wear high heels more than 10cm, fundamentally "read countless shoes" to describe, to give such a high evaluation, Charlotte Olympia, natural is not so simple.

        Like the famous red-soled shoes, Charlotte Olympia sign is it called the "Island" thick waterproof and ultra-slim heel. In addition, there is little too much decoration, mostly monochrome mainly in the past few years the rage of the rivets, metal chain, are not above, up to and occasionally some mixed colors or fold Charlotte Olympia Alice design, but also all go beyond the middle of the golden spider web of metal but soles Logo, but also between the action showing bit Mensao, achieving the same meaning and the famous "red-soled shoes.

      Even so, to know the style of individuals actually understands simple to do addition, subtraction could be the true problems, the far more easy design, the much more the test of talent. For Charlotte Olympia Boots, regardless of the height in the heel and waterproof, or the structure with the shoe final, I believe that immediately after repeated experiments and concerns, all come proper then. The two to over 12cm higher degree of form the woman upright and sophisticated posture, but additionally through the waterpro of Charlotte Olympia Boots style and design, and mechanical building, to reduce the discomfort of wearing.
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