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Liu Yunshan met with the sixth 10+3 media cooperation seminar foreign representatives

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Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee Liu Yunshan 9 days afternoon at the Great Hall of the people met with visiting to attend the sixth session of the ASEAN (10+3) the foreign representative of media cooperation seminar.

Liu Yunshan, connected Chinese and surrounding the destiny of the country, Chinese dream and Asian dream goal is to create a stable, peaceful area environment is not only Chinese own development need, is also the common expectation of all the peace loving countries. Chinese party and government may practice the "dear, sincere, Hui, let" peripheral diplomacy, ASEAN and East Asian countries to safeguard peace and stability of the region and the world. Liu Yunshan, the media is an important platform for promoting exchanges and cooperation, hope that the international media through the exchange of personnel and information products swaps and other forms of cooperation, build heart bridge, spread positive energy, enhance mutual understanding and trust among the peoples all over the world, the public opinion basis to strengthen the regional cooperation. Liu Yunshan also introduced the eighteen plenary session and comprehensively deepen reforms etc..

The ASEAN Secretariat of public affairs director Li Jianxiong said, the future of Asia countries are closely linked, 10+3 media cooperation played an active and constructive role in promoting peace and development in the region.

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