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He said: "we thank sent messages of condolence to the national, government and international organization heads".

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Zuma announced: "we announced a state funeral for the former president yesterday, he will be in December 15th and was buried in the Eastern Cape Province of Kunucun." Mandela grew up Kunucun village, here has his original childhood memories, while his three deceased children are buried in the village.

He also called on all people to work together, for the funeral of the New South Africa Sun Yat Sen organize this this illustrious son, South africa.

He also announced in December 8th, will be designated as the National Memorial Day of prayer, hope that all people can gather in the hall, church, mosque, temple, temple or home to pray, recalled Mandela's extraordinary life, as well as the contribution he has made to South Africa and the world.

He announced the main activities the government of South Africa in mourning week, including the December 10th commemoration, in Johannesburg's FNB stadium from 11 to 13, Mandela's remains will be placed in the The Union Buildings, he became president of the seat. The other provinces and regions will also expand their mourning.

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