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The choice of oakley sunglasses in the summer, people of various high-price sunglasses Akira dazzled. Hundreds of thousands of sunglasses to buy the people heart is bleeding, is really too expensive. Is not a working-class can consume from one of thousands of pieces of sunglasses, cost is really low. Visually off glasses to remind you how to choose sunglasses, definitely not the higher the price the better the quality is really good.

Select the sunglasses, quality must pass. Sunglasses of any use in it? General in addition to pretending to be cool with sunglasses fitted handsome, sunglasses, the most basic implementation features:
, Good quality sunglasses UV protection: anti-UV sunglasses, the most basic functions, sunglasses UV protection developed. Because the ultraviolet radiation will hurt the people of the cornea, the retina's health, so people will think to invent a lens to block ultraviolet radiation. Good quality oakley store sunglasses, UV protection function must be to the force.
Quality sunglasses will be able to prevent the irradiation of light: bright light to the eyes when we will be habitual squinting, I believe this is a common understanding to Because once the light shine eye will make the natural contraction of the iris in the eye, while squinting became an instinctive behavior. Too many bright people squint are not its role, so the light will be on the retinal damage. Good quality sunglasses, must be able to perfect through the filter of excess light, wear sunglasses that consumers can do natural "arrogance towards Japan.
3, to prevent glare: What is glare? According to the explanation given by the Baidu Encyclopedia, glare vision due to the unsuitable luminance distribution or extreme brightness and contrast, and hence resulting in visual discomfort and visual conditions to reduce the visibility of objects in space or time. Glare to a certain extent, it is an important factor to cause eye fatigue and other eye problems. Good quality sunglasses use polarized light to eliminate glare, good, I believe that cheap oakley sunglasses polarized sunglasses, we definitely will not be unfamiliar.
4, to prevent the specific frequency of light: This is a more specific functions. Different color lenses that absorb the sun light wave is not the same as the function you want to achieve for color sunglasses

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