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Yep... when I'm in the mood for Pho Dong Redwood City... this is the first place on my radar.

The Pho itself is really quite nice... I wish they had more options for GF though... we used to frequent Kim's Vietnamese in Encinitas, CA and they had GREAT egg rolls wrapped in rice paper then fried... that was amazing... I'd go for some of those at Pho Dong any day!

I usually get a big bowl of Chicken Pho with Veg... YUM!
Hubby might get pho, or vermicelli, or a number of other items on the menu... just as yum! smiley.gif

One Con :
It can get REALLY cold in Pho Dong Redwood City... so if it's a cold day in RWC... then don't come to Pho Dong hoping to warm up with soup... it won't work!! Seriously... I've tried it!

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