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The flex belt is an ab belt that helps in the reduction of ab muscles. There are lots of such ab belts in the market and the flex belt is a standalone product because of the wonderful technology with which it is built. . The most wonderful feature about the flex belt is it doesn’t cost you anything for its functioning or maintenance once it is bought. The only expense is the replacement of the gel pads, that too doesn’t cost much and can be ordered online and will be delivered to your home. You don’t have to strain a bit to purchase the belt or the gel pads. You can get it done at the comfort of your homes online.
The usage of the flex belt is very easy and doesn’t require any special skills to operate it. Even a lame man can use it with ease. The belt is tied over your abs with the three gel pads placed in position between your abs and the belt. Then adjust the time and the intensity as much as you require. The beginners usually have a little pricking sensation so a minimum intensity is advised. They can gradually increase it to the maximum intensity once they got used up with it.

A red coloration of the skin is seen once the process is over and it only indicates that some work has happened in that area. The coloration will disappear in just few minutes after the process. It will not cause any harm to the body or the skin. User’s instruction manual comes with the flex belt kit and it guides the user on how to use it. The belt only cost you a little electricity everyday for its functioning and you need not spend a penny to replace its batteries. Flex belt discount reviews 2011 are available on the internet and can be read to have a clear idea of the flex belt and its effectiveness in ab trimming.

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