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John Bentley’s Redwood City Intimate, dimly lit, and unpretentious. Our table was not ready when we arrived so we grabbed some drinks at the bar. The bartender happily offered us pours of different wines (about 3, bless him) until we found one that suited our tastes. We could tell right off the bat the service was going to be outstanding.

We ordered:
Asparagas soup (soup of the day)
Pressed duck with mango salsa
pork chop
Halibut (special)
Toffee pudding cake

The boyfriend being a soup fiend, completely fell in love with John Bentley’s Redwood City. My favorites were the pressed duck appetizer and the juicy pork chop. Even NOPA's legendary pork chop did not come close (gasp, i know!). The toffee pudding cake at the end of the meal was perfectly moist and sweet, a must try!

Prices were extremely reasonable for the quality and portion sizes, most likely due to the more affordable location. John Bentley's is definitely on par with most restaurants located in the city, but for less money. Our bill with drinks came out to be $125 for 2, a complete steal!

Will definitely be back to try more of their enticing appetizers!

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