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Clash of Clans: A Newbie’s Experience

New Start, Fresh Meat

As someone who had no idea of what the game will bring, I found that the walkthrough is very easy to follow. As soon as the loading display was done I was instantly enrolled to its strategy mode, wherein a lady will help me on my first journey. I noticed that I was handed preliminary resources like elixir, gold and quite a handful of Clash of Clans infinite gems that I used there, which I found very helpful in games like this. The girl instructed me to do a great deal of things, from creating my first cannon to extinguish my first enemies to building constructions which are needed for my survival. The game is novice-friendly when it comes to creating villages, and I was happy to find out that I can easily transfer my buildings(and not completely destroy the old ones) to another place should I put them someplace by error. The lady also taught me how to teach basic troops. For 25 elixirs each character, I used to be able to make about 20 of them at first and had them hack up all of the goblins in campaign mode. There are also no specific amounts in upgrading, and I discovered that as long as I have more than enough resources to upgrade i then should be able to do so. I also used Clash of Clans gems to quicken the process at some time, but I chose to conserve some for future use. In games like these I have learned that it is always best to spend on upgrades to enhance the attack and defensive abilities of my base. Today, speaking of defense plus offense...

Protecting Your Base and Targeting Others

During my first three “newbie” days, my village had the opportunity to shield itself from assailants. I found this very convenient, for this will giveme sufficient time to set up my base and offer ample defense against my attackers in the future. After three days, I had the option to buy the shield for a few of Clash of Family gems which ranges from day to a week’s well worth. The base should be equipped enough to defend itself, this wayI didn’t have to worry about finding our base in shreds once I come back to visit it. One technique that I have discovered is to take a look at the whitened outline that appears whenever I try moving a building or a tower to another place. I find it very helpful in placing defenses like canons, towers and walls.

Luring your enemies using walls and the like to a susceptible position help a lot too. Like defending bases, the particular art of attacking other people should be given a lot of thought too. A lot of pro players recommend to combine different kinds of troops to get a better edge against tougher players that you will encounter. Additionally, you will get rewards like elixir and gold whenever you win a battle, whether it be upon campaign mode or PVP. There will also be a ranking that will range from one to three stars after every win, with respect to the number of structures that you were able to take down.

Clash of Clans Currencies: Gold, Elixir and Gems

When i progressed through the game, I possess realized that these three currencies are very essential and should be used wisely to be able to maximize the upgrades that you want to have. Clash of Clans gems are usually hard to come by, and if you want to understand how to get Clash of Clans gems free that you might wish to start fulfilling achievements plus cleaning up all the rocks, grasses and trunks near the area for they provide a random quantity of gems. There are also additional helpful sites in the fantastic world of internet that provide tips and clash of clans cheats if you are interested on getting free gems and other hints that way as well. As a whole, We find clash of clans as a rather interesting game. I have yet to discover and experience even more aspects in the game like positively joining clans and fixing castles and I am confident that I'd like to stay and play it for a bit even more. It is no longer surprising this game surpassed a lot of online application games enjoy it.

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