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Helpful Tips for Marketing Products and Services via Twitter

Twitter gives top trending topics daily and individuals around the globe check out to see such topics. The truth is, if the topic is interesting, they would commonly spark a discussion with other people. Considering the enormous exposure Twitter could give to a product or service, it would be a problem for entrepreneurs not to utilize this social networking service to their advantage. As a marketing tool, Twitter is quite useful for several companies. For this reason, countless entrepreneurs are developing new solutions to boost their business.

Get Other People’s Attention with Tweets


Adding an interesting picture or video will make the marketing message quicker to understand. It also attracts people’s eye, which makes them want to read and share the tweet. Keep the tweets between 80 to 110 characters so that individuals can share them quickly. Maxing out the character count will discourage individuals from retweeting because they still need to reedit the tweet. Tweets get 17 percent more attention if they are comprised with a minimum of 110 characters. Meanwhile, possibilities of retweets increase by 28 to 35 percent once added with videos and photos.

Being aware of the time when the target market is more active in Twitter is necessary because it offers business people a hint at what time they must be tweeting. Most people do not want seeing personal-life tweets from companies so it is best not to utilize that tactic. Remember that the reason of the tweet is to promote the brand, not the company owner’s personal life. Finally, there ought to be a limit on the number of tweets per day. Its already enough to post four tweets in a day. Experts from sites like social media trends said that some audience tend to overlook tweets that are repeatedly showing up on their wall.

Tell Others regarding it


There are lots of ways one can do to be able to boost the visibility of their tweets. It is good to post during hours when most Twitter users are online. Your posts will have a lot of likes if it is posted anytime within 8am to 7pm. For folks to retweet the company’s tweet, be sure to ask them by typing “Retweet” on it. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to do this in all posts. It is also a smart idea to utilize hashtags but to avoid reducing the post’s engagement rate by 17 percent, there should not be over two hashtags in one tweet.

Try to Buy Real Twitter Followers

The world of business is highly competitive that is why business owners should do whatever it needs to stay ahead. Rather than wait for people to notice, business owners can get faster results by buying Twitter followers. Once they have sufficient followers, the best results are certain to come. Everybody can trust from trustworthy service providers like, because they have followers that are real people who can talk and chat.

While there is a consistent development of technology, social media marketing also progresses. Meaning, most of the strategies we are utilizing right now might become pointless and obsolete later on. In order to save more time, it's best for entrepreneurs to keep abreast of the newest happenings in Twitter marketing. Websites like updates are the best places to visit when searching for the newest information on how to use Twitter and other similar websites.

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