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"One can have too much of anything. That includes things which are considered as a good thing... like for instance political preference, love or even food. That's why many are unable to see the spiral of immorality and degradation."

CM ideology is a radical, societal, ideological system based much on socialism but encourages the monetary incentive of economic progress. It subsists of capital-provisional and socialistic features or means.

There are much truth in the argument that when there is class diversity in a society's wealth the poor have smaller chance of getting rich than rich people; And vice versa: The rich have bigger chance of getting even more richer than poor people. The ideal or perfect society for all is when everyone has equal opportunity/chance of getting richer. It all makes more sense with the proverb: "The broadest shoulders shall carry the heaviest..."

Also the fact that we all are different in regards to intelligens and different in how much a person can achieve in any kind of educational system. It is also ofcourse a known fact that the cause for greed and corruption lies in people's personality. And people's personality is formed by the upbringing and the environment in which people live. So it is undesirable since it's harmful or detrimental to any society when a citizen's reason or basis for achieving high grades in school is to be wealthy, since it is a seed for greed and corruption. Therefore and basically the incentive for pursuing high grades should only be the importance of getting a career you desire. What a person's dream job is really should be the only incentive. And simply by encouraging people to pursue that dream then all other incentives would be unnecessary and even detrimental to society.

Taking these things into account then how would a society be? Just maybe the CM ideology is that system.

This website is be informative, to gather people's minds, to pursuit this ideal, and by discussing what should be changed in the definition and laws to improve it. Constructive critizism is ofcourse always welcome here.

The six laws of the CM ideology


To ensure continuing improvements in society bonus addition is given to workers who do the more extra work than what society commonly require from them.  And on those job positions where it is required not to overwork (or do overtime) then those workers will instead receive bonus addition for each predetermined working period. This concept of bonus addition are defined and specified through a democratic decision of mutual agreement by society.


Wages must only depend on how much you work. From a leader in the highest class to a simple cleaning personnel in the lowest class, every single worker and manager regardless of status and skills must have the same specified amount in salary, excluding the bonus addition. This concept of equal pay and the amount are defined and specified through proper analysis followed by a democratic decision of mutual agreement by society.


Because of market inflation the amount in the salary must be revised and leveled after every certain period of time, again through proper analysis followed by a democratic decision of mutual agreement by society.


Companies and properties can be privately owned but to the extent that owners can only collect wealth from their companies or properties when sold.


A single occurred bonus are given to those who completes their education. The amount of the bonus is determined by a democratic decision of mutual agreement by society.


Public education from elementary to advanced is free of charge to all citizens. Expenses paid through taxation. No private schools.


A socialist believes that in a class-differential society the richer you are, the bigger the chance of becoming even more richer. Let’s look at it in graphs...


Graph A shows that the poorer a person is, the less chance of getting richer. In graph B the Actual line shows that the poorer a person is, the less possessions does one have. And if the person wants to get richer, then the person must invest/gamble what the person actually have in possession. When we take it for granted that a person is generally not stupid and therefore would never invest or gamble all of his or hers properties or possession then we can say that the graph A and B is valid and true...


Liberals, capitalists, conservatives, egoists, socialists, communists, egalitarians, leftwing, rightwing, etc are equally invited to use the simple forum.



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