St.Lucia is one of the most treasured islands in the Caribbean. Sitting almost central to a chain of small islands, St Lucia offers the perfect atmosphere to suit any personality. Whether it is for business or pleasure, you'll find it in St. Lucia. Compared to its sister islands, St. Lucia is known for its mesmerizing scenery, mineral baths, popular cricket stadium, busy airports,  combination of English and French history and most of all, its beautiful people. St.Lucia is the home base of Beli Dulce II, the sail boat in the picture.

A Sailor's Paradise.

Stunning beauty, relaxed sailing and endless activities surround you in St.Lucia, The Grenadines or Martinique. Trust the trade winds to carry you to whatever you're looking for.  Crystal clear waters, boulder-formed caves and picture-perfect beaches combine with oceanfront resorts and restaurants to provide sailors with a colorful wealth of welcomes.  Easy deep-water island-hops, consistent breezes, line-of-sight navigation in protected waters and numerous anchorages for evenings ashore make this the ideal island paradise for less experienced sailors or those who simply want a more relaxed vacation. No wonder this is a very popular destination.


Day trips, tours and cruises in the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. Seeing St. Lucia from the sea is a real treat, sometimes the boats are accompanied by playful dolphins as they sail down the calm Caribbean sea. The boat is a big and very stable with plenty of seating for relaxing and chatting, with enough room to walk around and even dance if the mood takes you!

You see many of the famous sights of St. Lucia on a day cruising including a waterfall, gardens, the pitons, the volcano and more. A sail into the famous hurricane hole of Marigot is also included along with swimming.

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