Marigot Bay

Saint Lucia, West Indies

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CNT BOATCHARTER DOCA is a new organization that operates from Marigot Bay, St.Lucia.


St.Lucia is known around the world because of The Pitons Mountains, the Drive in Volcano, the Diamond Waterfall and more.

Of course we will be pleased to send you to these famous places with local guides but St.Lucia can offer more! – We have access to unspoiled places where you can be alone in harmony with our wonderful nature.


- Our programs includes, for whom is in good form, a trip to The Enbasau Rain Forest & Waterfall. The path ends by an amazing waterfall with 2 natural deep pools. The water is drinkable !. On the way back you will pass a Nephrolephis fields and a natural flower garden. The all area is surrounded with fruit trees, tropical flowers and plants.


- If you don’t feel to walk a lot, we have an other unique rain forest trip to the "hidden" Anse La Raye Waterfalls.  It's a natural serial of fall and pools perfect for a “shower” or a very private bath. It’s possible to drive pretty close to the place.


- Further more, we could take you to “your own private beach”. It’s not very far from Marigot bay (10 minutes by boat, 20 minutes by car) and you will experience to be all alone on the beach, which has access to the adjacent rain forest, crystal clear water, sandy bottom with perfect conditions for children. The water starts to become deep 120 feet from the beach.


- Take a break, get refreshed. The Wine & Coffee Shop is unique little shop/bar with a great atmosphere. Even if the place is small, there are sitting facilities where you can buy a cup of coffee, tea, beers and more. Enjoy your drinks in the front yard, navigate for free on the web, etc., surrounded by soft background music or, some times, piano & live guitar music. The unique shop is in Soufriere and a visit can be easily combined with one of the above mentioned water falls & rain forest  trip.


- Island round trip. The east coast, Dennery town & view point, Latille & Fond Waterfall, Scorpion Island, The Reef,  Vieux Fort beach & light house, Choiseul historical, Soufriere viewing points & Wine and Coffee shop, Canaris downtown, and more.


Once again, welcome to St.Lucia. CNT BOATCHARTER DOCA is a non profit organization, started with the target to offer jobs to local people. That’s the reason behind our low rates!

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