Need help to invent - design - develop your next product ?

Try COPEN DESIGN - No cost before the you decide to go with our idea's.


You identifies a need for a specific product. COPEN DESIGN are contacted and asked to consider to come up with idea's to a technical solution and a good design.

You fill out a COPEN DESIGN form with specifications for  the product (Problem to be solved, target group, quality level ect.)

After one week COPEN DESIGN returns to you for accept of the task.

After another 2 weeks COPEN DESIGN returns with the first sketches showing different solutions and preliminary designs.

Together with you, a solution is chosen. At this stage you sign a contract in which both parties obligate to keep all patentable informations secret from the public and non involved persons. 

A price for finalizing the design is agreed, and you pre-pay € 5000 to cover some of the expences in the further design processes.

After another 4 weeks COPEN DESIGN hand over the final design to you, it is presented as a 3D graphic Model with simulation of the mechanical function, and is ready as basis for detailed manufacturing documentation.

On request from you, COPEN DESIGN agree to make the detailed manufacturing documentation to a fixed price.

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