Copenhagen Power Exchange - Party Rules

Rules of the Game

We reserve the right to dismiss anyone found to be disruptive or engaging in unsafe behavior at the party.

Basic Rules 

Don’t drink and drive! Alcohol diminishes your ability to judge as well as your capacity of reaction. In order to enable players to play with sober play-partners we request that everyone who consumed alcohol or drugs notify their play-partners of this in advance. 

Photographing, filming and recording is forbidden. 

After the play arty: please be discrete about what went on, during the day as well as the party. Don't mention names.

Please clean up after yourselves. Toys and play-areas have to be disinfected after the scene.


Everyone (bottom or top) is responsible for themself! Please announce physical or psychological limits or sensitivities in advance and negotiate before the scene.

No touching of participants or their belongings without their permission. Joining of an ongoing scene only with permission of the players. 

Watching is permitted, but if you are asked to leave; do so.

Bring towels to cover places which others might be using afterwards. 

Party “Red” meaning Full stop. If  “Red” is called, and the scene is not stopped everyone has a responsibility to stop the scene.

Safer sex only! This means: use condoms, dental dams, gloves, ect.

Needles and scalpels have to be put into sharps-containers after use.

In case you are playing with blood: put Band-Aids over open wounds after the scene.

Arguments and discussions have to take place outside the play-area. 




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