Copenhagen Power Exchange - Seminar 2011

Copenhagen Power Exchange:

A two-day queer BDSM seminar


 The event is open  to trans- and intersexpeople as well as cisgendered people. Homo- bi- pan- and heterosexuals are welcome, but the workshops will share a

queer perspective.


The seminar has a focus on community building and skill sharing in the Copenhagen BDSM-scene, but welcomes people from other places too.

Entrance is free and the language will be English.


If you are unsure as to whether you are welcome, please contact the organizers.


Both days will present a broad range of workshops including subjects such as:
BDSM, health and safety
BDSM and privilege
Make your own toys

Saturday there’s a playparty – you need to participate in at least one workshop during the day to gain access.

Heterosexism, racism, sexism, a lack of respect of other people’s kinks, or disregard of personal boundaries will not be tolerated.

Find us on: Fetlife and Facebook


Arranged by The Power Exchange Initiative in collaboration with SMil (The Danish National Organization for Sadomasochists) and PANGEA (Copenhagen International Network for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Trans persons, Intersex persons, Queers, and +).


Sign up, ask questions, join the mailinglist and get the full program at:

We would like to thank for sponsoring gloves, 

STOP AIDS  for sponsoring Condoms and lube

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