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       Hello My Name is Corin Johnson I am 22 year's old I live in California I have a husband named Darren C Johnson he is in the Marines,we are palnning to have a family with 9 kid's and will stay living on the base,I have a sister who live's here too her name is Rachel Crook with her daughter my sweet niece Court who is ten year's old.

    This is my family.


My mother Cyndi Raedel.


My sister Rachel Crook who has a daughter named Court was is ten.

My older sisther Crystal Colemen.

Aunt Charlotte Rogder,Mark and three kid's two boy's one girl.

Grandmother Beverly J Raedel who past away 2003.

Uncle Eddie his wife.

    My other side of family.

Aunt Shelly her two boy's.


My Aunt Christy Warner and her daughter Becca.


Causine Aunt Christy daughter,Lauren Jaramillo.


My causin Aunt Christy's son Trace Warner.


My Aunt Corina and her daughter Emily.

My causin Jessica Haislip and her family.


My causin Elizabeth Tyson her husband and son,she also have a daughter.

And my Maw-Maw.


                            My way though life has been very very hard with the lost of my grandmother and my family being ripped apart,I have bipoler and other's I let them take controll of my life which I never should have but with everything falling apart around me I didnt know what to do,it was like a really bad nightmare that I always had to wake up to year's after year's,nothing seemed to change nothing got better nothing went the way I needed it to go,I hated my family and myself for the longest time,everything and one seemed to go against me makeing me think I was alone and that no one really wanted me,I was this thing that sucked the life out of everything I cam across,I could see why I was left alone and thought I needed to be why would someone want to be around someone like me?I wanted to die everyday my family would gang up on me every time they seen me I could never do any good for them everything was wrong I was never good enough in thire eye's only my sister never me,I found later on that food would alway's be there for me that it would feel my emptyness and have me happy,but when the food went away I was sad and mad I needed more so I ate and ate I got oversized and started to hate my bodie,I could never look at it it made my stomach trun I hated the way it looked thought I was ugly and wrothless,sad to say however the food thing did pass but the next thing was much wrose then the last,I hade my comfort zone of angery and sad every time I went out of it to feel happy I hated the feeling so I left it and ran back into my zone it seemed nothing was going to get batter.But then I meet Darren I knew him in the 9th grade we lost connent for year's but then found each other year's later we started as freind's then feeling start to play,I was sacred he would leave me because of my bipoler but it trun's out I was wrong he was there to help me when no one ells was I love him for that,a other person who has always been there is my causn Lizzy she has been there for me every time I needed her.

        After all of that I am happy to say I am doing much better I am happier now I dont feel alone nor sad I know who I can trun to and who I can not I love everyone who has been there for me even when it was too hard,thank I love you all.

         I may not have a papper saying I know everything but I am here for anyone who is going threw everything I went through I want you to know you are never alone,I do not know you but just know when you think no one is there for nor loves you that I am here and I do love you please before you act on whatever talk to me and let me try to save you.

          If anyone want's they can email me I am here and I will listen to you





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