Creepy Creatures - Four people telling their story

King of the Toads:

This story is about a lady who experiences some strange things in her garden. She was planting a flower, when she instead killed this big toad.Suddenly hundreds of smaller toads appear in front of her and cover every inch of the grass. Her instinct tells her to go inside, which she did. 

When her husband comes home, she tells him about all the toads in the garden, but he doesn't believe her, because he has never seen even one single toad in the garden.

Right after the incident, the woman became very ill for three weeks. somehow she thought it was the toads' revenge. She never understood the things that had happened, and it never happened again.


- Susan R. Treidel, New Orleans, Louisiana
  August 1975


The Red-Eyed Creature:

The young couple, Patrick and Vicki moved into a house, that Patrick's grandparents have found for them. The first night they slept at the house, there was a sound from the kitchen, something rustling and clattering! They went to see what it was. Vicki opened the door a little and saw something like a gargoyle, it had red eyes. She was terrified and didn't sleep at all that night. 

Next day Vicki and Patrick went to Patrick's grandparents and asked his grandmother about the house. They told them, that five years ago a young girl had lived there. She had been hit by a car in front of the house and died. After her death, people began to report that they had seen a strange creature around the house. 

Families who have lived in the house before Patrick and Vicki, had moved because of mysteries.

The funny thing is, they were never sure if the red eyed creature was a thread or was trying to protect them.


- Alton Carroll, San Antonio, Texas
  April 1995


Of fairies and gnomes:

Here we are with a girl who have seen a fairy and a gnome. It happened when her and her mom were out cutting rose buds. Suddenly a fairy about 8 inches tall, silvery hair and fainted pale skin. She held a wand in her hand, and the two women could watch her be in 2 minutes, before she disappeared. 
The second time, the girl was sitting under a tree, reading. And then a small man with brown clothes appeared in front of her. He was 18 inches tall, but she only saw a glimpse of him, because her ran away. Later a friend saw the same gnome. 

- Cynthia Monteflore, Bath, Avon, England
   May 1977

The Werewolf of Greggton:

The story is about a woman who lives alone, and one evening she is heading to bed. She saw a shape of a werewolf in front of her window. Then she hurried to the window to look.

 It was gone. Scared she stared out of the window, but out of the bushes where the werewolf had stood, a tall man came out and hurried away. And then she realized, that the man was actually the werewulf from before. On top of that, it was a full moon.  


- Mrs. Delburt Gregg, Greggton, Texas
  March 1960 



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