Creepy Creatures - Monsters in Scotland

The world has a favorite real monster. We've all heard about it... Some say it has a long tale. Others say, that it has scary claws and strong teeth. And yet others doubt it's prensence. We are of course talking about the Loch Ness monster.


Next we will introduce you to this great monster that may or may not lie in the lake of Loch Ness.


Nessie's history.


The Loch Ness Monster is also called: "Nessie." There has been told stories, many stories. Some were fake, some maybe real. People went berserk in 1933 when a man and wife saw Nessie. Describing it themselves they said: "It was the most ancient looking, dragon-like creature, we've ever seen." From then, people have been sending messages, opinions, pictures and way more, because it would be unbelievable if it really existed. So of course people began to believe in her, cause it's the unknown that concerns, interests and attracts one another. 
It's hard to believe that an animal could become so famous in an interval from 1933-2011. In these years one has only seen the creature five times! and they were all eyewidnesses.
No one really knows how Nessie looks like, no one can prove it. And maybe therefore it is the reason to the eager and effort, people put in the project. Just look here:

Through 64 years there has been submarines, underwater cameras, giant nets and bacon bait. They have all failed. IS that prove enough to let it all go. To accept that Nessie doesn't exist? That she only is a tourist advertisement. Or is it all the more prove, that superstition is real? Otherwise how would a SEEN monster hide from the world like that?

Nessie is only one of the billion stories told by people who might or might not have seen something. The question is, do you believe?





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