Creepy Creatures - The paranormal in Denmark

You've often heard myths and stories from ancient times. But are they real? Do The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and other famous monsters really exist?

We, in Denmark, will properly consider ourselves as a developed country and modern educated people. Still, there is prove that Danish people consider them selves superstitious. Actually every third Dane believes in something superstitious. 

It might come as a surprise that a study has shown that 43% of the 18-29 years old is superstitious. Only 26% of the 60-74 years old are superstitious. We first thought that it only could've been the old citizens of Denmark who would believe in such things as a werewolf, and therefore we got chocked to know that the next generation whose job is to save the world from a much disturbing danger coming, is superstitious. From our point of view, it's hard to clear a world with a danger that's as scientific as it gets, when you personally can think that it is a tempt from a bunch of big trolls.      

Of course, we're jumping to the worst conclusion here. And believing in black cats and clairvoyants abilities aren't harmful. 

-   The problem is, says Mikael Rothstein a danish religion historian, if these imaginations gets to be the heaviest consideration when important decisions is made in the community. Therefore the church's role and every other religious communities' - as superstitiousness - can't play too big of a role.   

But isn't superstitiousness a part of human nature? As we wrote in the page: "Why do we believe," it's natural to jump to conclusions if you don't know the answer. Can't we just let it be? 

  • After making this assignment things have kind of surprised us. We still don't get why people put so much effort in trying to prove the existence of the subnormal. On the other hand it is now obvious why we believe in stuff like that. Our most covering sentence would be: That's just the way, it's always been. And someone will maybe not admit that, and someone will definitely admit it. We will stand still and watch time goes by. Who knows, maybe we will find prove some day. Until then we have our minds, and we can do what human kind is supposed to do: Wonder. 





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