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Tips to Get Free Zynga Poker Chips

free zynga poker chipsZynga Poker is still one of the most exciting online games and most of the people are always on a look out for ways to obtaining more free Zynga chips that can help them improve their game status. Here are the most basic ways in which you can earn more Zynga chips for free:

  • Invite as many friends to play Zynga poker. Once the invited friends accepts the invitation become active in playing this application, you get a bonus Zynga chips and if your friends are generous, they may send you gifts –  extra poker chips.
  • Log on to the game as often as possible as you can earn as much as 5 Thousand daily.
  • There are simple and complex challenges that you can accomplish everyday to get bonus Zynga chips.
  • Each time you log on and play, there is a daily bonus that you can click and if you’re lucky then you get a huge amount of free Zynga chips.
  • Complete the collective that are offered in the game and you earn another set of free Zynga chips each time.
  • Follow Zynga Poker on twitter and other social networking sites and a most of the time, they offer chances for you to earn more Zynga chips.

For those players who have been enjoying this game in a while and still would like to earn even more Zynga poker chips, then here is a run down of some ways in which you can:
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  • You have to keep in mind that the chances of winning more chips increases when you opt for a 5 seated accommodation tables on Zynga servers.
  • Play the fourth card or the turn card, if your hand isn’t looking too good at this point, given that you already have 3 of a kind, the cards are successive, get out of the hand. Most likely, another player has a straight and will likely take your chips.
  • You have to watch out for players that change their seats every other hand. They think that in keeping away from the dealer button and taking a seat where they wouldn’t have to pay after they have delivered the big blind, gives them an edge in winning the next pot.  The reality is, there is no advantage in doing this, its actually a waste of time.
  • Another thing is never bet and raise significantly until you have estimated what kind of cards are going to be shown. There will be tables that people would know each other and play with the sole purpose of getting your chips. So you always have to be careful in observing the other players on the table.  This is one of the important rules in remaining afloat on your Zynga chip count. It only woks only one out of 5 times and the pots that you get only double your bet.
  •  The chance of getting a royal flush is very slim on actual poker and it’s no different in online Zynga poker.  So do not get too picky for a suit. If it comes, then great if not, play it as smart as possible. This game requires a lot of patience and skill. But most importantly, do not forget to have fun in playing Zynga poker.

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