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one of the known causes of diseases is obesity

Nowadays, one of the known causes of diseases is obesity. According to statistics, almost 6 out of 10 adults are overweight or are obese. With regards to health, obesity is an issue. Many experts, health organizations, non-government and government offices exert a lot of effort in order to tackle obesity. Obesity is often described as an imbalance of energy in one’s body - and this imbalance can be fixed by using up this stored energy through exercise.

Though exercise has been the favoured solution by many in order to lose weight, experts say that exercise is useless without the right diet. Most of us know that plenty of exercise leads to loss of calories. Burning calories would then lead to weight loss. But no matter how much calories you burn, it would be useless if you continue to consumer more calories for it would only compensate the loss. In short, improper diet would only replace the calories you burned.

As a way to curb this problem, it is important to shift the focus to the importance of healthy diet. We have to renovate our daily diet in order to trim down weight. We should minimize the consumption of fat, sugar and salt. Food should be energy densed. Diet should also be rich in fiber. Another thing is that there should be strategies employed when consuming food. It is also necessary to see what’s inside the food you are eating. Lastly, considering would be good.

Even if genetics plays a major role in obesity, it is possible for a person to stay moderately thin with proper diet and avoiding unhealthy, fattening and processed food. Researchers often point out that appropriate dietary intake is more important compared to energy expenditure or exercise. Weight loss wouldn’t happen without any dietary restraint. No matter how long or strenuous the exercise will be, overconsumption of food and unhealthy diet will still lead to obesity.

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