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Many Uses of Installing a Deer Fence System in Vinyard

The increasing number of accidents in rural and urban areas, considerable crop losses and the widespread Lyme disease are a few most obvious reasons as to why most of the farmers are now installing sturdy fences at their agricultural properties. Using a stronger deer fence not only keeps the deer out of your crops, but it also helps you prevent men and other harmful animals such as horse, goat, sheep and cattle from entering your valuable investments. A sturdy fence is essential to protect your plants from being trampled, stripped off or eaten out by the most destructive animal deer.

A deer fence is a very useful system to prevent harmful animals from entering your vinyard. A fencing solution of this sort does not only provide security to your agricultural property, but it also add to the aesthetic aspect of your landscaping. It is a viable option to prevent the growth of Lyme disease, which causes headache and fever. It is a great way to reduce the number of accidents occurring in rural and urban areas due to the deer. Deer fencing systems are available in varied designs, materials and prices. To know more about the features, benefits, deals and prices of fences, visit internet and get the details.


Deer Fence or Deer Repellent Plants?

501763c6d285331072012.jpgDeer look beautiful and many of us love to watch these animals from a distance. They are lovely when running through the fields. Though very small, they can run very fast and jump very high. On an average, a deer can jump eight feet high. Studies show that this animal can eat 5 to 10 pounds daily. If a herd of deer enters a vinyard or garden, they will eat out or damage substantial part of your crop. This is the most obvious reason why most of the farmers have started using deer fence to keep them out.

Some farmers instead of using deer fence are using various types of deterrents. Some of them use deer deterrent plants, which include ornamental grasses, iris, yucca, herbs and plants with a strong fragrance like sage, lemon balm, bee balm, etc. Some even use plants with thorns. These are the plants that deer dislike and keep them away from areas where they are grown. However, they are not very effective, as deer quickly adapt to these repellents and once again start eating, stripping off or damaging your plants.

You can try many repellents, but they seem to be not much effective solution. The only solution to deal with harmful deer and many other animals such as sheep, goat, horse and cattle is the use of deer fence.

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