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Rule 1: 
Each owner is allowed to keep a maximum of three players.

Rule 2: 
Owners are not allowed to keep first or second round draft picks.

Rule 3:
If an owner decides to keep a player at the end of a year, he must forfeit his next year’s pick from the same round in which he obtained the player at the beginning of the first year. 

Rule 4:
An owner may keep the same player for a maximum of three consecutive times. However, he must continue to forfeit draft picks in the following sequence: first year – draft pick from the same round; second year – draft pick one round ahead of the round in which he obtained the player at the beginning of the first year; third year – draft pick two rounds ahead of the round in which he obtained the player at the beginning of the first year.

Rule 5: 
A player may only be kept a total of 3 times in a row before returning to the draft pool. Changes of ownership of a particular player (via trades) do not reset the keeper clock for that player.

Rule 6:
Players picked up on waivers during the course of the season may be kept, but the owner must forfeit a pick according to Rule 3.1, based on the player’s draft round at the beginning of that year. Undrafted players picked up on waivers during the course of the season may be kept according to Rule 3.1, with the initial cost of a second-to-last round draft pick.

Rule 7:
Should an owner choose to forfeit two or more picks from the same round, each pick shall be for the round preceding. For example, if an owner wants to keep three players at the cost of an eighth round pick each; he shall forfeit his eighth, seventh, and sixth round picks. 

Rule 8: 
The deadline for assigning keepers will be sometime in late august, preferably after the third preseason game.  

Rule 9: 
The draft will be in a serpentine (snake) format. 

Rule 10: 
The draft order will be determined randomly. The draft order will be set at the date of the real NFL draft and made official in the league. 

Rule 11: 
Off season trades involving both picks from the upcoming draft and players are allowed from the beginning of august up untill the deadline for assigning keepers. Future picks and waiver wire dollars cannot be traded untill after the draft. 

Rule 12: 
Any off season trades involving picks must involve an equal number of picks going in each direction. 

Rule 13: 
When an off season trade is agreed upon by two managers, one of the managers has to email the commisioner with the details of the trade for approval. If the trade is approved, the commisioner will make the details available on the message board. 

Rule 14:  
It is not possible for the commisioner to edit rosters prior to the draft. If managers, that has made an off season trade, wants to keep one of more of the players, that they have attained the rights to in a trade, they must make that known to the commisioner in an email prior to the deadline for assigning keepers. 

Rule 15: 
In season trades may include draft picks. 

Rule 16: 
Waiver Wire Dollars may be included in in season trades. The manager that accepts a trade that includes WWD must post the specifics of the trade on the board IMMEDIATELY after the trade has been accepted. 

Rule 17: 
Keeper league rules may be amended, but only prior to each season’s fantasy draft.

Rule 18: 
For an amendment to pass, it must win a 2/3 majority vote from the leagues.
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