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Nike Air Force 1 25th Low Shoes Mens Black Blue Priting 8djxw840

Product Suitable for crowd: 53
Product Measurements: 6.40
Product Topic: Fall
Product Design and style: Comfort Nike Footwear
Product Layout: Embossed
Product Extra Fat: 2.3401 - 4.6688
Pound Diameter of Product: 21
Product Sold Number: 935
Component of Product: Velvet
Product Arrival Period: 18 Days
Product Colored Identification Label: Jet Old Gold
Product Cleaning Advised: Wash material
Product Asking Price: 75 - 236
I have had every version since the Kayano 12 and they have progressively gotten better and better, culminating with the Kayano 18.
The style of these particular shoes make my feet appear ssoooooooooooo, ssooooooooooo, ssooooooooooooooooo.freakin' HUGE.... But they look okay with some jeans or very, very, very casual wear... very simply.
Someone cut costs by making the leather part of the liner extend only to the visible opening of the shoe.I would expect more from a Polo product.Next time I'm looking for boat shoes I will not be including this brand.
However, there are two major issues that I have with these shoes that probably would have stopped me from purchasing them (and I don't even wear them that often anymore because of these problems): 1) The back of the left shoe cuts into my heel, making it somewhat raw and red after a day at the office (light walking, nothing major).
I decided to keep them, just to avoid the hassle of sending them back.
These shoes don't look as dressy but it does the job. It's durable and can be worn everyday or even for power walking. Also, received on time.

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