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A Floor Covering Installer's Nightmare - Charleston Floors and Flooring

If floor covering is to be installed one might want to

take a look between the mattress and box springs and

under the bed to avoid a nightmare. Installers find quite

a variety of things in customers homes that can frighten,


embarrass and even disgust them. According to one

Charleston Installer the most disgusting thing he has

found was a used condom on the floor under a bed.

Folks please; Installers do not remove these items for

Health reasons.

The installer elaborates that he has found snakes,

animal and human urine soaked carpets, dried animal

feces under beds and other areas and has removed

carpet and vinyl and found thousands of cockroaches

running around on the floor and on the backing of the

carpet or vinyl. The Installer also added that rat and

mouse feces and urine has been found in many

dwellings as well. It is not part of the Installer's Job

to clean, steralize, remove soiled carpeting, remove

personal items such as sex toys, dirty under garments,

socks or clothes, used condoms, soiled toilet paper,

paper towels, tissues, baby diapers or used feminine

products. The installer has the right to walk off of a

job and not install the new floor covering under these


If one wants a smooth installation process then

the room(s) needs to be clean and ready when the

installer arrives. The installer stated that rental units

are the worst he has ever seen for people not cleaning

or preparing for floor covering but has also seen a lot

of nightmarrish things in privately owned dwellings as

well. If the installer has to leave the job due to unhealthy

conditions customers can be charged $100.00 or flooring carpet

in trip charges to come back depending on how far they

have to travel.

Installers do not provide Handyman Services. If a

water or sewer leak is the reason for wood floor joists new floor

covering then one needs to call a Plumber. If the floor

or subfloor is rotted or eaten up with termites then one

needs to call bathroom flooring material building contractor and tile and wood floors exterminator.

Landlords may pay for the new floor covering but they

are not responsible for cleaning the renter's unit while

they are living in them. If the unit is empty then the

landlord is responsible to have the unit clean and ready

for when the installer arrives.

This article is intended to give the comsumer an

installers view of the Floor Covering Installation Business

and what types of problems they experience while doing

their jobs. The Installers job is to install Floor Covering

flooring on concrete slab the Installers responsibilities are often misrepresented

or not explained by the Floor Covering Retailer.

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