Digte fra hjertet - The thruth of love

Love by nigth 
and sad by day
bringing one the death declay 
turn around the glass of time 
to show no people mercy 
I will bring the faith to end 
so every one can see
that the love, as we know
is flying out of reach 

the sun and moon will come as one
to show the people thruth 
to take the justice from us all
to kill, to slay and rule
I will gain the magic staff
and see a way to wealth 
but most of all I bring you pain
and throw it through myself 

I can see your taking off
leaving me behind 
walking out to searth for love
walk around the earth 
spred the wings of golden truth
and tell the people how 
you will come 
and you will go 
between the diffrent worlds  

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