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Comparing with 3 overdrive pedals

As overdrive pedals are my life, I wouldlike to introduce the 3 most frequent use overdrive pedals of me to you.


DigiTech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive


Retail Price: $50


The Digitech Bad Monkey is anotheraffordable overdrive pedal amount those produce impressively transparentoverdriven tones, ideal for juicing up a tube amp or for boosting the sound withoutmasking the distinct tonality of the guitar. Comparing to the Tube Screamer andSD-1, this pedal features a smoother more rounded tonality.

Small size and cheap price as it is, thepedal surprisingly with an added features like EQ knobs (Low and High) and dualoutput. The mixer output even features cabinet emulation. These added featuresallow good tone shaping and maintain the integrity of the guitar sound.

Want to have juicy riffs and smooth sololines? The affordable and unassuming Digitech Bad Monkey will definitelysuffice.

MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive

Retail Price: $93


The MXR Custom Badass Modified O.D. gives outclassic overdrive sounds with modern tone shaping enhancements. The CustomBadass Modified OD features a 100Hz cut and boost knob to fine-tune the sound,as well as a bump switch that gives out a separate voicing that emphasizes thelower midrange.

It provides great sustain and gain withouthurting the natural guitar tone, and it gives more room to tweak the sound.This versatile overdrive pedal comes in a compact form, with boutique-likeappearance that matches the quality of its tone.

This is the ideal pedal for the adventurousguitarists, that don't want to stray too far away from classic tones. It alsoworks well when paired with other overdrive and distortionpedals



Visual Sound V2DT Double Trouble

Retail Price: $150


Taking advantage of how two different overdrive pedals work well together, Visual Sounddesigned the V2DT to be just like that, having two distinct overdrive effectsin one stomp box. The company combined two of their great sounding overdrivepedals - the VS Jeckyll & Hyde, and the VS Route 66.

By playing with its Volume, Tone, Drive andBass Boost controls, a variety of overdrive tones can be created andcombinations that will keep busy for days. The sturdy chassis and switches arejust as impressive as the sounds it can produce.

With its two distinct sounding overdrives, everythingfrom subtle crunch possible for the riffs to searing overdrive for the leads.The V2 Double Trouble is highly recommended for those that love to play withoverdrive combinations.



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