D-M-D - Lyrics

-The truth-


Verse 1

Standing on the never ever,

is a hard job!

Come along with me,

don't desagree.

I've found you life now,

and there was nothing there.

I just wanna say,

where the hell is it "Oh its right over there"!



You're like a hostile,

in this prison hell.

What kind of world 's this,

why can't we have anything to say



Over and over!

What is happening

Over and over!

It's like hell isn't it!


Heavy Bridge

Solo - Rasmus

Solo - Frede


Verse 2

Now i'm really angry,

coz i've found out.

I've found out,

who we really are.

We are MONKEYS!,

that live's in our own world.

We just havent notised it,

Coz Demolotion Man are Dead!



You're like a hostile,

In this kind of monkey hell.

You can't do anything,

Coz where just ANIMALS!!!!!!!



Over and over!

You can't,

It goes Over and over!

What out soon you're dead!


Last Words

I'm comming to get ya'!...




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