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Omegle chat site review

Omegle the webcam chat still offers the opportunity to have a good time.

Victim of its success, there is logically a slew of fake and people with misplaced spirit. But moderation is very present / active!

The interface as the concept is ultra simple and sufficient. I still regret some additional options as I said above, which in my opinion, would make it stand out even more from other sites of its kind.

Fare side of course we are at the top since the site is free .. What also plays a little tools etc .. No money coming in, less money to develop the tool is normal.

Finally, after this test, I can conclude that Omegle is still not bad overall. It must of course make a big selection at first, but nothing troublesome, because not required to register or even activated the webcam .. We can wait quietly that happens!

Tips and advice for Omegle!

As for many sites like this, there are always some small tips and precautions to take before using, so here for you, in just a few points a summary of my tips and advice for better use of Omegle:



  • Remember, there is no war need to register!
  • It is also possible not to activate his webcam.
  • Use and abuse the "Next" key until you find the right person.
  • Do not forget the introductory phrase, use a series of Chics & Choc keywords. ;)
  • Do not hesitate to prepare in advance a first message type catchy (use the copy / paste)
  • You too get away with using it in a "hijacked" way (parody, etc.)


  • Do not exchange too personal data.
  • If you are parents, make sure to keep your children off the screen!
  • Do not forget, the meetings on Omegle are ephemeral!
  • If a profile or user seems suspicious, report it!
  • If you think a webcam is displaying a pre-recorded video (fake), make a screen print and use the trick to detect the fake profiles cited in this post.

Weak points

As on all sites, meetings or not, there are lots of disadvantages. and for , I found more than one that I think apply also to other sites chatroulette ... To confirm ?!

First, I come back directly to the concept! Which is nice I admit, but which has several negative points. Here we are connected randomly with another user .. Unlike a more traditional site, so we fall on someone at random! No way to pre-select profiles likely to interest us, to see if they correspond to us via certain criteria or common points etc ...

But hey, let's say it's the concept that wants that .. However, small additional options, like criteria, like the geoloc, to connect us for example exclusively with geeks girls, or guys addicted to tunning etc ... would be really a plus in my opinion! You do not think ?

To follow on the disadvantages, I would talk about the webcam. So yes it is the goal and the trademark of the site, however, it has a big weak point. Without going into the details, if you, you go there the holy spirit and with a precise research this is not the case for everyone.

Omegle like others, so is filled with nobody being there only to show themselves to the webcam. And I do not speak of their best smile as said above, but rather a profile seen from below ...;)

To conclude on the disadvantages of Omegle, I would talk about the possibility of "nexter" users. I was referring to it above, saying that we can talk the time we want with a person just as we can zap it .. The thing is that suddenly, some trigger it easy .. And before falling on a person who really wants to chat, you will suffer some failures!

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