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Disney Magic Kingdoms hack is an addictive Facebook game developed by Spanish multinational company Social Point. After the success of Social Wars and Social Empires, the all new game is based on pet breeding with a stimulated title and storyline. Gameplay in the amazing Brawl Stars hack revolves around hatching dragon eggs, building a healthy and secure habitat for them, ensuring they are well fed and breeding different species of dragons. The player starts off with basics about hatching and building habitat which is achieved through a series of quests and challenges.

The main drawback of the game lies in the fact that there is no specific story line in the game. The main objective of the game is to collect all 160 types of dragons and gain virtual reward points for moving up to the next level. Dragons can be captured by hatching eggs, bringing together two dragons or simply feeding them well enough to get evolved in to new species. Some of these dragons are gifted to you in form of daily rewards and others can be gained by inviting your friends to play the game.

Soft gold is used as the primary mode of currency in the game which is used in various tasks like cleaning the junk, feeding the dragons and buying dragon eggs. Unlike many other games, there is no energy limit in the game which makes gold as the limiting resource. Players can buy the currency from the in app purchase stores which can help them to avoid long hours of game stoppage breaks caused due to insufficient funds. After completing all the basic tasks, the players reach the tenth level which is called the League of Dragons. In this mode, you capture dragons by making them fight against a weaker opponent to boost up your energy levels. You can also challenge your friends to win their dragons by beating them in league fights.

Overall the game has a lot of potential but lacks a solid story line which is expected in games of this level. The lack of an alternative currency and limited characters can leave players frustrated at some points of the game. Though the production value, designs and the graphics of game are of high quality which makes it unique and one of its kind. Even after all these small issues and lack of story, Disney Magic Kingdoms cheats continues to be an addictive and a "must play" online.
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