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How to make sure that your spelling is correct

Perfect writing is impossible with wrong spelling. Whether a student or a professional, it is essential to keep in mind proper spelling. There are occasions when a misspelled word becomes a different one already. In worse cases, a misspelled word can no longer be comprehended. During my highschool years, my English teacher would tell us about this. Even though most of my classmates believe that spelling is not that important to the career they are looking for, I took everything my teacher said and remembered it. Still, even if my classmates would say that spelling is unnecessary in the future, I believe otherwise, especially since I want to be a newspaper journalist.

Spelling is definitely essential, nevertheless, complicated words and also unknown words are occasionally hard to spell by some individuals, and this is attested by the website: www.handoutsonline.com. If they were wide readers like me, then the story might be different. Yes, you’ve read it right, I am a wide reader. Because of my passion for reading, anything will do, be it thick or thin books, romance pocketbooks or not, newspapers, broadsheets, magazines and even journals. With this trait of mine, it became easier for me to broaden my vocabulary. This resulted to a lot of praises from my college professors for my English vocabulary was simply amazing. Unfortunately, my bestfriend had the opposite.

Because of the limited vocabulary my bestfriend have, writing essays and written reports was a huge problem for her. What makes it even more difficult is that some words are not known to her, making it difficult for her to spell it. Even if we tried the secret I have in having good vocabulary, we cannot easily apply it to her needs. The first reason is that every one of these skill I have were accumulated for the many years of reading. Unlike me, she had no accumulated vocabulary skills. Therefore , we decided to browse the web for an answer and we were lucky to find www.eslprintables.com.

After our visit in the website: www.plainlanguage.gov, we were happy for the solution we have discovered. The use of spell check software was the solution that we found perfect for her needs. Since most of university students use computers in completing reports and essays, then this software is perfect. Indeed, writing applications or programs offer spellcheck, however, they have limited spellings only. This is the reason why spell check software is perfect. Furthermore, such spell check software can be spell check websites or downloadable applications. Overall, my bestfriend was happy knowing these tools.

Though, I am an online article writer and not just a journalist, these applications are of big use to me. If you are interested about this software, why not try visiting the spellchecker.org.
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