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Drug Screen- An Overview About Drug Screening

507e4c05cff0b17102012.jpgIt is nice to know that governments of various nations are truly exerting effort in order to combat drug trafficking, and most of all, drug abuse. We all know that there are a lot of people who are truly hooked with various kinds of drugs. However, the sad thing is that the numbers of young drug abusers increased, and it is continuously increasing. Parents, you can do something in order to save your beloved teenagers from this wrongful act, and eventually help them straighten up their lives. The process of drug screening is widely used in different parts of world, and it is used in order to ascertain the honesty as well as the authenticity of a certain individual that he or she is not really into drug abuse. This is the sole process that is used for various kinds of purposes.

Drug screening is usually used in pre-employment, as well as in post-employment screening, and to collect evidences for any kind of criminal offense. There are certain classifications for drug screening.

Basically, the pre-employment drug screening is normally done by companies, businesses and organizations. Before recruiting a certain individual, he or she needs to undergo such kind of test. Generally, pre-employment drug testing is paid by the employer. Urine-based test is another kind of drug screening, which is being done on the employees.

Another kind of drug screening is the Random drug screening. The most common ones that utilize such kind of drug testing method are military forces, rehab centers, police officials, as well as corporate offices. However, parents may also do this particular type of drug test to their children.

The Post-incident Drug Screening is also another eminent type of drug screening activity. As the title implies, this specific test is being done after an incident happened within an organization or office in order to protect the agency from any burden caused by the event. It is also used for the purpose of ascertaining if a certain person is under the influence of a prohibited drug at the time the bad event happened.

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