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Top duplicate file finder normally adopt CRC 32 Scan Algorithm which is the most advanced efficient scanning method. To find programs that have a good scan engines, you only need to find out if the program is using CRC 32 algorithm.Scanning a whole disk will take a long time, even if the program uses the most advanced scanning algorithm. So some programs provide fully customizable search criteria for users to pin down the scopes of duplicates. That will not only save your time but also help you precisely find and remove any duplicate files that you want.

When your hard drives or USB flash drives are stuffed with duplicate files, you will know how hard it is to find a file that you need. That will also drive you nuts.Using a duplicate file finder can help you clean up all the useless duplicates, save your valuable disk space and easily manage your libraries. But when you search for a program to help you, you can find dozens of similar programs. Which one is the best?It is really hard to tell which one is the best among numerous programs. I can only tell you the criteria to select the best by yourself.

The point of using a duplicate finder is to clean up duplicates and save your time. So the most important thing is that the program must have a very strong scanning engine to accurately find all duplicate files in a very short time and remove them easily.A good duplicate finder, which is embedded with powerful scan engine, can thoroughly scan all the sections that you want to search for duplicates. While third-class programs may neglect some deep folders and leave some duplicates.

Normally, after scan completes, duplicate file finders will provide you with a scan report which tells detailed information of detected duplicates, such as file name, file size, file location, modified date and so on.Some top duplicate finders not only export a scan report but also allow you to preview images, songs, videos and other file content, allowing you to easily tell which files are useful and which one is useless.A good duplicate finder should be very easy to use and allow you to easily move duplicates to different folders, rename the files or delete them directly. Don't download the ones that only allow you to remove duplicate files.

The above-mentioned are the most important criteria to select a top duplicate file finder. If you don't know which one to choose, you can click here to find the Best Duplicate Finder in our test. Or you can click here to read more about the details of it or directly download the top Duplicate File Cleaner.

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