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About Delta Light

Delta Light is a lighting manufacturing company located in Belgium. It was founded in 1987 by designer Paul Am loot and is today regarded as a trendsetter in architectural lighting. It is an international brand offering lighting fixtures and aluminum luminaries with innovating design features. The brand has an international presence in over 100 countries. Delta light’s popularity is due to their flexibility in designs and operational capability of ceiling and recessed lights. The firm makes constant innovations in its lighting and design based on extensive research on existing fashion and market trends. Delta Light had recently collaborated with architects and lighting designers of a large hotel in Belgium to change its lighting systems to save energy by using led lights in an innovative manner. The company has launched a yearbook called The Lighting Bible which is in the form of a catalog and is considered a reference book for lighting industry. This book is published with more than 3000 products and project images containing technical information about latest lighting innovations.

Products of Delta Light

Delta light produced lighting fixtures for wall, ceiling, and pendant lighting. To give homes a classic look chandeliers with LED lights are a tasteful and energy efficient practice. They provide several options for indoor and outdoor lighting with simple and impressive designs making lighting systems a status symbol. A well-lit house and garden will add cheer and beauty to an otherwise dull painted home. The delta light was designed with help from Niko to combine efficiency with compatible thermal qualities using LED light. This elegant Delta Light’s lamp can be dimmed and focused in various lengths to suit user’s interest. It emits a warm light from appliance to all over the table’s width.

Delta Light Carree is a roof illumination suitable for large domed houses. It has a stylish design built in aluminum which can be modified for home and industrial use. For safe company ceiling light fittings in manufacturing units Delta Light Carree is a preferred option due to optimum use of energy. The new innovations in Delta Light Carree which have LEDs are inspired by carbon molecules.

The Lampenundleuchtenshop.com is an online store in Germany offering varieties of Delta Light’s lighting products and concentrates on “Deltalight Link” and “Delta Light Carree”

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