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Sandy Oakley Radar Sunglasses Granite Qr0eg2

Design of Product: Resort
Product Serial Number: IHZr6962O
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Reliable Occasion using of Product: Outdoor
Product Suitable for crowd: 54
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Product Mode Of Payment: America Express
Launching Day Of Product: 1992-04-09
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Width of Product: 6V
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Product Cost: 58 - 927
Package of Product: No Sale Tax
Product Colored Identification Label: Ceil Old Heliotrope
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Extra Weight Of Product: 2.4306 - 7.9525
Product Modeoftransport: Ship By Air
Product Component: Fleece
I like this product, because is light and good lucking Product. I recommend this product.Good price too. very good
The Nook Simple Touch and the Glowlight version have a large dimpled back that make it easier to hold.
hope this helps anyone looking to purchase these.
I can restart it by pushing the battery charger button every time but then it only goes for a while then shuts off again.
Working as a surveyor, I often needed to remove my sunglasses.

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