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You surf a lot of website on the internet but do you have an idea how much they are making money you may be surprise to know earning with your website is possible and some people are earning their full time income by running their website only.

If you don’t believe me just find these name Darren rowse, john chow, Zac Johnson or tyler cruze you may wonder who they are as you are not in online business but anyone who has website and in this business for years these names are quite common these people are some of the successful internet entrepreneur, these people have also left their day job as they were earning more online then their day job.

The path to reach at their level is not easy you need to be dedicated to your work and gain new experience. It’s not a regular thing that you do just to earn extra income but think of it as a business.

How do you get the necessary information regarding the business? You may be thinking about this question I guess well the answer is right under your nose. That is internet just keep following some make money online blog every day and I am each day you are going to encounter some surprising money making tricks.

For earning from your website you need to register a domain name first? What is a domain name first well a domain is a address of your website from where people will visit your website just as your friend come to your house you should always select some trendy names so that it easy for your visitor to remember your website address like some of the popular website like techcrunch, gazetbuzz if you can’t think about some you can use some domain suggestion tool to help you find the best one, after that you need to buy web hosting and the best is hostgator and then you need to choose a blogging platform there are two popular ones wordpress and typade but I recommended going with wordpress you will get lots of features in it if you don’t know how to install wordpress on your server don’t worry hostgator offers one click installation after the setup you are almost ready to make money you just need to write content daily and do some marketing of your website and don’t forget to learn about seo as much as you can.

What is seo? Well in short it’s a method through which you can rank any website on the search result and as you know everyone visits the result on the first page first hence we compete to get to the top of the keyword and that’s why you need to learn seo you can follow any seo blog some of the best blogs are seomoz, seroundtable, searchenginejournal and many more after you have created enough daily visitor to your website you can start earning by putting some ads in it by signing up with google adsense program. You can also earn by selling some relevant amazon and ebay item for that you just have to sign up their affiliate program.

The article has been written by vikash kumar munda who shares in knowledge on 2earn-extra-income.blogspot which is blog about that helps you to earn extra cash from home or online.

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