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Eastpoint Software Mobile App Development London, Richmond, UK, Colchester, West London, Cambridge, Surrey – Important Trends

Mobile App Development Cambridge, London and UK

The Mobile Apps Development West London,  UK, Chelmsford, Cambridge, Twickenham, Richmond and London is noticing significant changes in the last few years. Read out more information on new developments. In the last few years, the mobile app industry has seen noticed some noteworthy innovations and is following an important makeover. Highly advanced technologies which include Beacon technology to call upon the attention to a definite location, Internet of things (IOT) to gather as well as exchange data, Cloud computing and Big Data among others.

These days, mobile apps are playing a significant role in making the regular tasks simple and easy. Now, we have mobile applications for normally every job. It is supposed that the majority of the mobile users spend quality time on apps surfing.

Have a look on some significant mobile app development trends to watch out the innovative mobile apps to endure in the competitive market.

Advanced security for Mobile App:

Necessary security measures are the key concern. Nobody wishes that their personal information get hacked by others. This is the prime reason why Apple IOS and Google Android think security as a significant factor. Therefore, developers have to try that their apps run effectively with answering all safety procedures.

Location – Depend Apps with Beacon Expertise:

These days, Apple’s beacon technology is quite popular. Beacon technology turns various attractive to a definite location. In case, you are using an iOS, you should try out this as it offer various services as well as suggestions depend on the various geographic site. It is important to provide the appropriate information to the users precisely.

Wearable Apps:

Now, everybody’s attention turned to wearable expertise. It takes app trade to the next stage. Developers have to begin building simply wearable apps. The technology explored right away from the health care, fashion, fitness and textile among others. Another example of wearable technology is smart wears, Google glass, Apple watch and Samsung gear among others.

Internet of Things (IOT):

Different companies have also started to mix IOT. It will assist the expansion of apps with the innovative feature, different new standards, and their personal security or even concerns related to privacy. On the other hand, the signal’s sensor will share traffic directions, present weather conditions; drive accident alerts and give vary route choices to the driver.

Fine Content and Marketing Preparation:

Unluckily, Developers are chiefly putting stress on the technical kinds of things and normally ignore content. However, now developers have to focus more the content as well.

User Experience:

These days, a million of apps are easily available in different play store and app store. You may discover numerous apps which share similarity with your app. It is important to face the competition and do something unique to stand out.


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Eastpoint Software Mobile App Development and Developers London, Richmond, UK, Colchester, West London, Cambridge, Surrey, Twickenham and Chelmsford. Mobile application development service has been rapidly growing these days in the fields of everything. Thus it is quite clear that the demands of these apps have been accelerated in all trading purposes. We have offices in Cambridge and London, and are based in Cambridge. Our office is at the Hauser Forum, do come and meet us to discuss projects. Get in touch with us at info@eastpoint.co.uk or call us on 01223 690164. For choosing the best Mobile App Development Company Cambridge and London, exploit the power of web to learn about the ones that work with a strategy in mind.

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