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With the passing of days, we are getting more and more dependent on technology. To meet the demand of the user, the fields of science and technology is undergoing rapid development. Internet is a field of technology, which has undergone a lot of development in the last few years.

In 2005, 16% of the world population used internet, in 2016 the number increased to 47%, it is needless to say the number of internet users is on a steady rise. Internet is used by people for a wide range of purposes, the most significant, perhaps, being to search for information. From recipes to study material, whatever the need be, internet has become our saviour.

The Web, which is merely a portion of the internet, is the way through which we can access information. Websites are made up of web pages, and they serve many purposes. To cater to need of the users, the websites undergo developments. The Web has become an inseparable part of our lives. Our lives have become comfortable as we can now shop, pay bills, transfer money and even listen to the daily news online. To make our web browsing experience even better is what the web developers are constantly working for. A few trends in the field of web development, which will help the web in getting more ingrained in our daily lives are:-

1.Artificial Intelligence:

The first thought that occurs to us when we talk of technological advancement is the use of Artificial Intelligence. This field has already undergone a lot of development. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook have already started using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is also being used to improve search engines like Google. Wikipedia uses artificial intelligence to identify inaccurate articles. The Grid, a web design program uses an artificial intelligence named Molly.

2.Internet of Things:

This is going to be major technological development as it will enable you to connect not just your computer or mobile phone to the Internet but also other objects, for instance, the lights in your house. Mark Zuckerberg has built his own artificial intelligence based bot that runs his home.


Bots are already being used by various websites and apps, and we have to agree that they have proved helpful in most of the cases. It can be expected that advancement in this area will make our experiences more personable. Bots are being used as conversation user interface by some websites and it is expected that this trend will become more popular in the near future. Businesses are thinking about using chat bots for customer support, and it is believed that they will improve online sale and help the customer in case any problem crops up.

4.Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is what comes to our mind when we talk about the future of technology. Gaming industry is already making use of this development. Some companies like Google and Mozilla are working on APIs to help bring the technology of VR into the web.


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